FAQs on Millennium Sapphire Studios’ NFTs

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2 min readMay 19, 2024


What is Millennium Sapphire Studios (MSS)?

Millennium Sapphire Studios (MSS) is the NFT arm of MS Token LLC. We sold the Moon Man NFT for $20,000 at the Miami NFT Charity Auction in 2021. Since then, we have generated almost 600 NFTs inspired by renowned artists, art movements and the Millennium Sapphire, a 23-year-old carved blue sapphire that MS Token LLC has tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain.

How is our NFT art created?

We have collaborated with talented artists to generate hand-drawn NFT art that is extraordinary and alluring. While creating our art, we have drawn inspiration from the cubism and surrealism art movements, the Millennium Sapphire and artists like Paul Gaugin and Robert Wyland. We have also produced art that pays homage to Michael Angelo, Vincent Van Gogh and other renowned artists.

Which blockchain hosts our NFTs?

Our NFTs live on Ethereum and its Layer 2 network Polygon. We chose Ethereum because it is reputable, has an active developer community, is secure and powers a majority of the Web3 NFT market.

How many collections are there?

So far, we have produced 8 NFT art collections for the retail market. These collections are Cubist, Humpback Whales, Nudes, Playing Cards, Animation, Dolphin, Shark and Surrealism. Each collection has a cool story behind it, giving it the unique character to make it stand out in any collector’s collection. You can learn more about each NFT series by reading this article.

We also have other NFTs such as NFT pairings and the Bering Sea Clinker created exclusively for institutional buyers and private collectors.

What is the benefit of buying our NFTs?

Owning a Millennium Sapphire Studios’ NFT guarantees you a work of art you will not find anywhere else in the NFT space. We like to say our NFTs are a labor of love because they have been hand-made from start to finish with unparalleled craftsmanship and authenticity. So, to put it simply, our NFTs are every art collector’s dream.

Is there any utility attached to our NFTs?

The majority of our NFTs are designed for art lovers, meaning they are art for art’s sake. You can add them to your digital collection or even print and hang them in your home (as long as you own the digital art that lives on the blockchain). Having said that, we have one collection known as the Playing Cards NFT series which can be collected and traded in our blockchain-based NFT game.

Where can I find your NFTs?

MSS NFT art collections for the retail market are available on the secondary market OpenSea. You can purchase your favorite piece by connecting your MetaMask wallet and making an offer.



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