How to Buy MS Token (MSTO) on INX

MS Token
3 min readOct 1, 2022


MS Token is currently listed and trading on the 4th crypto exchange, INX. This is a security token platform based in New York that allows both non-US and non-accredited US citizens to buy and sell security tokens with ease.

INX recently launched INX One, a fully regulated platform that merges trading and investing in security tokens, raising capital on the blockchain, and crypto trading.

What Are the Benefits of Using INX?

The MS Token project chose INX because it believes its community can enjoy the following:

Instant Liquidity

Traders can access instant liquidity whenever they want to buy or sell $MSTO. INX is a popular security token exchange which means it attracts more liquidity than other platforms.

24/7 Trading

There are no business-hour restrictions. Traders can trade $MSTO 24/7, 365 days a year.

Fiat Trading

Unlike other exchanges that only offer digital asset trading pairs, you can buy $MSTO with fiat (USD). This is convenient if you don’t own any cryptocurrencies.

How to Buy MS Token on INX?

Purchasing $MSTO on INX is pretty straightforward. Use this step-by-step process to get started:

Open the INX website in your browser.

Click the “Get Started” button. Next, enter your details and click “Join.”

Go to your inbox and confirm the INX email.

Complete your personal profile.

Upload the required identity and address documents. Click “Next.”

Read and accept the agreements provided then wait for INX to review your details and approve your account. In the meantime, you can enable account two-factor authentication and explore the trading platform.

Once your account is approved, go to the trading dashboard to buy $MSTO using USD.

You can also transfer $MSTO from your MetaMask wallet to INX. The wallet will be automatically whitelisted once you connect it to your account when trading.

MS Token investors can get help via the INX customer support channels or the MS Token telegram group. INX team members are available on this group for one-on-one chats whenever you need guidance.

Start your trading journey with INX today!



MS Token

A tokenized sapphire that is now open for purchase by anyone in the world.