Millennium Sapphire Pre-Sale Extended to June 11

Millennium Sapphire with lapis figurines


Dear investors,

The Millennium Sapphire pre-sale has been extended to June 11, 2021, from the previous June 6 end date. That means that you have more time to acquire fractional ownership rights in a gemstone that is also a work of fine art. The pre-sale will end on June 11, 2021, 5 pm EST.

Furthermore, we will reprice our token (the current one is US$1 per token) for the public sale later this year. What this means is that the public sale will not start on June 7, as previously announced.

In the meantime, we will concentrate our efforts on creating an NFT team and a line of products. We’ve already announced the Sputnik NFT, which will be our first release in the Millennium Sapphire NFT series. To learn more about this NFT, click here.

Our NFT series will draw inspiration from the treasure trove of copyrighted digital images of the Sapphire and the 134 lapis figurine carvings that world-renowned artist Alessio Boschi designed.

We thank all our current and upcoming investors for their support. This is a great project already, and we can’t wait to make history.

Join us on Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit for more updates. Also, read this interview feature of our CEO Daniel McKinney.

To purchase $MSTO, click here.

Please applaud our articles and follow us here on Medium for regular updates. Also, feel free to comment below.

Sputnik 1 lapis

A tokenized sapphire that is now open for purchase by anyone in the world.

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MS Token

MS Token

A tokenized sapphire that is now open for purchase by anyone in the world.

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