Sputnik Satellite NFT: Launch

Millennium Fine Art, Inc. (MFAI) has completed the production of its first unique digital animation Non-Fungible Token (NFT) showcasing a dynamic portrayal of the Sputnik Satellite. The company has also pulled 5 spectacular still images from the Sputnik Satellite animation. There will be 10 NFTs minted for each animated still on five different NFT marketplaces.

MFAI created its Sputnik Satellite animated NFT for Greenpro Capital Corp (GRNQ). GRNQ purchased the exclusive NFTs for $16 million in a historic sale on April 2021. It remains the biggest institutional NFT sale in history.

In this article, we will describe the first animated still of the Sputnik Satellite NFT.

Sputnik 1 Over Madagascar

The first still image shows the Sputnik Satellite above Madagascar as its orbits the Earth. You can see a section of space and the African continent. You can also see the Indian Ocean, which surrounds the island nation of Madagascar.

Looking at the image, you can almost imagine the silver-colored satellite with blinking lights gliding through space like a god. You can also picture the people on planet Earth that were eagerly looking for a shiny object in the sky through the lenses of a pair of binoculars on October 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 into space.

The image represents the making of history. Launching the first Earth satellite successfully into space was no mere simple achievement. The Soviet Union left the world in awe and inspired the US to hasten its space program.

Furthermore, the image signifies the start of the Space Race. An accomplishment that changed the world for the better. It also implies that something momentous is coming.

Why Should You Buy This NFT?

A first of many, this NFT series is worth adding to your investment portfolio for several reasons. They include:

  • A chance to own a unique NFT inspired by one of the carved elements on the Millennium Sapphire, the Sputnik Satellite.
  • The opportunity to participate in one of the biggest and most unique NFT art projects in the world.
  • Creating wealth. By buying a unique and valuable NFT that is in limited supply, you could sell it in the future for a profit.
  • Collecting digital art. Digital art is becoming more and more popular across the globe. The rise of NFTs has also increased the popularity of digital art. This means that you can buy and own a piece of digital art no matter where you are. When you buy a digital art NFT, you don’t have to worry about shipping fees! All you need is a secure wallet where you can hold as much digital art NFTs as you want.

MFAI is producing a series of NFTs starting with the Sputnik Satellite. Never before have NFTs been inspired by the subjects on a large carved blue sapphire. So, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you can’t afford to miss.

To learn more about our upcoming NFTs, join us on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, and Medium.

Check out details about our NFT studio on our website.



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